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South Wales Demolition Ltd | Demolition Contractors Cardiff

Experienced demolition contractors in Cardiff . We also carry out Site Clearance all commercial and domestic demolition contracts considered in South Wales . Put your demolition contract in safe hands

Factory demolition.

Factory demolition.

 Demolition Contractors Cardiff

We are professional demolition contractors within Cardiff South Wales. We undertake small-scale and large-scale demolition throughout South Wales and the South West.

If you are looking for an experienced demolition contractor that can offer you value for money, why not contact us today.

We specialise in domestic demolition of houses and also commercial demolition including industrial buildings.

We offer health and safety management which is uncompromising in its approach offered through site supervisors, which are time served demolition contractors.

When you require the expertise of an experienced demolition contractor offered at sensible prices in Cardiff, or the South West then contact us today.


Demolition Services Cardiff

South Wales Demolition Ltd, offer professional and reliable demolition services throughout Cardiff, Swansea and Bristol. The company offers to undertake small-scale and large-scale demolition contract’s including site clearance and commercial demolition. .


Time served, experienced demolition contractors in Cardiff

For cost-effective demolition in Cardiff contact South Wales Demolition today. We are demolition contractors in Cardiff, that undertake all forms of demolition no matter the size! We offer sensible prices on domestic demolition of houses, bungalows etc.

Our speciality is in domestic demolition and also commercial demolition, of factory / warehouse units. For affordable, sensible prices for your demolition, call us today. 07866043059 or E-mail Ryan@southwalesdemolition.co.uk


Small Demolition & Dismantling Contracts Cardiff & Bristol

We will consider any small demolition contracts, that arise in Bristol, Bath, Cardiff. We are experts at Domestic Demolition and offer sensible pricing for demolition within the private sector.

Commercial Demolition & Dismantling

We can carry out Commercial Demolition within Bristol or Bath, as well as Cardiff. We can demolish anything from factory units, retail units, for any type of commercial premises. Contact us today in Cardiff for a no obligation quotation.

Industrial Demolition & Site Clearance

South Wales Demolition Ltd carry out Industrial Demolition, and Site Clearance, within Cardiff and Bristol. That is if you have an industrial manufacturing building, or structure to be demolished, then why not consider us today?

Demolition Services Cardiff

We are Demolition Contractors within Cardiff, South Wales. We undertake demolition contracts in Cardiff including commercial and domestic demolition. We specialise in residential or domestic demolition, we offer competitive prices within our industry.

Demolition Services Bristol

We can carry out demolition services and site clearance contracts within Bristol. South Wales Demolition carry out demolition contracts in Cardiff, within Bath and also in Bristol. If your demolition contract requires professional expertise from time served demolition experts, then contact us today.

Demolition Services Bath

South Wales Demolition Ltd can offer to demolish any form of structure within the region of Bath within the South West of England. We have the capability to travel anywhere within the South West or South Wales to demolish structures in a cost-effective and safe manner.

Because some of our site supervisors have over 25 years experience within the demolition industry means that we can offer professional demolition expertise.

For cost-effective demolition that incorporates high health and safety standards contact us today. We also demolish structures in Cardiff and Bristol as well as carrying out site clearance contracts.

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Demolition Contractors & Services offered to Cardiff | Bath | Bristol

  •  Residential Demolition

  •  Commercial Demolition

  •  Industrial Demolition

  •  House Dismantling

  •  House Demolition

  •  Site Clearance

  •  Concrete Breaking

  •  Garage Dismantling

  •  Small Demolition

  •  Large-Scale Demolition

  •  Bristol Site Clearance and Demolition

  •  Cardiff Dismantling and Demolition services

  •  Demolition Services Swansea

  •  Demolition Services to Bath

  •  Factory Clearance

  •  Steel Building Demolition

  •  Complex Demolition

  •  High Health and Safety Standards

  •  Demolition and Dismantling Services

  •  Experienced Contractors

  •  High Standards Health and Safety Management

  •  Crushing Services

  •  Building Reclamation and Salvage

  •  Bungalow Demolition

  •  Office Strip Out

  •  Industrial Demolition Experts

  •  Factory Dismantling and Site Clearance

Contact Us In Cardiff

Do you have a demolition contract that needs completing in either Cardiff, Bristol or Bath?

Have a large-scale or small-scale demolition contract coming up in either Cardiff, Bristol or Bath? We can offer the full range of demolition site clearance services throughout South Wales and the South West.

We have a range of quality equipment ready to tackle any demolition project whenever it arises within the South West or South Wales.


Setting high standards within the demolition industry

We set a high precedent to follow in the demolition industry, we have an uncompromising approach to health and safety management, on all our demolition projects that we carry out within Cardiff and also within Bristol.

We are meticulous in our detail when we write our method statements and we carry out our demolition projects with military planning and execution.

This may sound a little excessive, yet we know from experience that all risks arising from demolition sites needs to be mitigated and managed.

We carry this out by having time served professional demolition contractors, that been in the industry for over 25 years and are second-generation demolition contractors.

Health and Safety and setting professional standards have not been learned from textbooks, instead they have been gathered from years of practical experience demolishing factories, houses, and other industrial and commercial premises.

We pride ourselves on our site supervisors knowledge, and expertise to make sure that the structures we demolish whether it be a simple domestic structures, such as a houses or large commercial buildings come down safely. As we like to say here it all comes down to experience.

Demolition Services Cardiff & Bristol

 We offer our demolition service in regards to any type of building and structure, commercial, domestic and industrial demolition contractors.

We carry out demolition of small structures and large buildings throughout Cardiff and Bristol.

We operate a site clearance service and also offer our services in regard to the demolition of houses. If you are looking for cost-effective demolition services in Cardiff or Bristol then why not contact South Wales Demolition LTD today.


Demolition Services Cardiff and Bristol

South Wales Demolition Ltd offer their experienced and professional demolition services across Cardiff and Bristol.

This includes building demolition and also site clearance of structures. The company can offer demolition contracting services to both the private and public sectors, demolishing anything from a single dwelling house, right through to steel framed commercial buildings.

Powerful hydraulic claw on a white background

Powerful hydraulic claw on a white background

Demolition Services Cardiff & Bristol

 Site Clearance Contractors Cardiff & Bristol
Demolition & Dismantling

Building demolition

House Demolition Cardiff & Bristol


Garage | House | Domestic | Small Demolition Welcome | Cardiff & Bristol


Site Clearance Contractors Cardiff & Bristol

Factory demolition.

Large Demolition Contracts Welcome

Contact us in Cardiff 078660 430 59

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We can demolish any form of domestic or residential structure. We are experts at domestic demolition and we offer affordable solutions when you want to demolish your garage or house, whether that be in Bristol or Cardiff.
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We also offer commercial demolition services and site clearance services throughout Cardiff and Bristol. That is we can demolish commercial structures whether that be a steel frame building or a brick built structure, we can offer cost-effective solution to demolish your commercial building.

We have demolished commercial structures both in Cardiff and Bristol, we have the expertise and equipment to ensure that we can demolish commercial structures safely and offer a complete site clearance service. Demolition contractors who do not cost the earth contact, South Wales Demolition today.

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We can offer industrial demolition services, that is the decommissioning and destruction of industrial buildings, such as warehouses, factories.

We have specialist demolition equipment, that is ready to tackle any form of industrial demolition or site clearance contract, both here in South Wales or the South West.

We welcome any enquiries regarding industrial, site clearance and demolition contracts both here in Cardiff and also Bristol in the South West of England.

Industrial Demolition Contractors
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Professional demolition contractors in South Wales and the South West