Professional standards in the demolition industry upheld by South Wales Demolition & Dismantling


What separates and defines our demolition company is it’s focus and implementation of strong health and safety standards.


We can bring down both large and small structures in areas such as Bath and Bristol and of course Cardiff.


We do this through in-depth industry demolition knowledge, and experience of the dismantling, site clearance and demolition sectors.


We set professional standards within our company by making sure that our execution of works is focused on safety and dismantling structure’s in the most logical manner.


Most often this takes the form of reverse engineering a structure, quickly depleting the structure to its safest level, but always showing our level of experience through carefully thinking out our method statements and approach to demolition prior to any works.


If you require demolition of anything large such as a hospital, right down through to small demolition of structures such as bungalows, we are capable of any form of demolition.


We have high specification machinery, ready to tackle any building within the South Wales or South West areas.



Health and Safety management is our number one priority


We put a focus on health and safety management, within our business.


We achieve this through carefully drafted method statement’s which have been coordinated with demolition site managers, who have vast experience of dismantling and within the site clearance sector’s .


We call on this vast industry knowledge and experience of demolishing structures to quickly bring down structures in a safe manner.


So whether you just want to obtain a price and costing on a small structure to be demolished, or you’re planning on a large phase demolition works why not contact us today.



With vast experience of demolition we offer the full demolition solution


We have vast experience of industrial, commercial and residential demolition of any size or magnitude.


When you need a structure demolished in Cardiff Bay or you need a structure demolished in an area such as Whitchurch, Cardiff we can demolish anything anywhere within South Wales.


See how we carry out our demolition in a comprehensive and complete manner contact our sites managers today, to arrange a quotation on your next works.



Come to us for cost-effective demolition contractor services in Cardiff


Many utilise our company because of its past demolition and dismantling knowledge.


Whether we are demolishing a factory building in the Newport area, or we are demolishing other substantial buildings we have the knowledge to safely dismantle any form of structure.


If you need cost-effective dismantling and site clearance works anywhere within South Wales then why not contact us today.


Our expertise and excellent demolition specification machinery is ready to tackle any site clearance project and is ready for any project whether it be industrial or commercial.


Whether it be a reinforced steel, stone or brick we can demolish and crush structures and offer cost-effective demolition services of any form of buildings.



We undertake small and large demolition contracts


We undertake demolition that can be large or very small demolition contracts.


Whatever your structure that needs to be demolished, whether it be an office block or a small house, we can safely dismantle any structure within the Cardiff area.


We are a talented demolition company in Cardiff and can offer specialist dismantling services to you.


We have vast experience of all forms of site clearance, dismantling and demolition


We can offer a comprehensive range of demolition services. For example we can demolish large buildings and offer crushing too site ready to be used on your future construction project.


Perhaps you need a demolition layer of crushed hard-core on your construction site?


Then  we can offer this through our demolition services.

Why not contact us today for affordable demolition services, that’s whether you are based in Cardiff or any of the South Wales regions.