Demolition Companies in Cardiff

South Wales Demolition Ltd, is a Demolition Company operating in Cardiff, South Wales.

Our Demolition Company undertakes the following forms of demolition and dismantling services:

House and Domestic Demolition Services
Commercial Demolition
Industrial Demolition

Demolition Companies in Cardiff

South Wales Demolition Ltd offer comprehensive demolition solutions, which are offered on both private and commercial demolition contracts.

The company offers expert levels of Demolition Health and Safety Management, combined with methods of demolition which help minimise its impact upon the environment.

South Wales Demolition Ltd have experienced personnel, some with over 20 years experience within demolition industry within Cardiff.

Demolition, Dismantling or Site Clearance, South Wales Demolition can carry out any of these forms of contracts within Cardiff or within the South West in such areas such as Bristol.

What sort of Demolition contracts does South Wales Demolition take on within Cardiff?

South Wales Demolition frequently carry out the demolition of garages, bungalows and houses both within Cardiff and also the South West in areas such as Bristol.

When carrying out residential demolition the company has vast experience and can offer very competitive rates, demolishing such structures.

So whether you have a bungalow, or single dwelling that needs to be demolished contact us today and our estimators can offer you a competitive price on demolition of domestic structures.

Other than House and Residential Demolition are there other forms of Demolition that your company undertakes?

The company also undertakes commercial demolition that is the demolition of retail buildings, or commercial business premises for example.

The company has vast experience of undertaking such commercial demolition as the company’s site supervisors were involved in the regeneration and redevelopment of the Cardiff Bay, area back in the 1980s.

Demolition Companies, in Cardiff South Wales

The company is well suited to both domestic and commercial demolition, due to companies access to demolition specification plant and machinery.

What can you offer your clients when you carry out a demolition or a site clearance contract for them within Cardiff?

South Wales Demolition Ltd can offer competitive prices on Commercial, Domestic and Industrial Demolition.

The company offers keen prices for Domestic Demolition, as well as site clearance contracts that require crushing aggregates to site.

The company can therefore offer to demolish most structures, and offer keen prices on domestic structures based within Cardiff, South Wales.

Demolition and Site Clearance Companies Cardiff

If I was to choose your demolition company, South Wales Demolition, what considerations do you pay in terms of your impact on the environment and Health and Safety Management?

The company prides itself on offering expert levels of Health and Safety Management, on the demolition sites that it undertakes here in Cardiff, South Wales.

Through having expert staff that have served within the demolition industry for over 20 years and key site personnel and supervisors we are able to manage demolition sites, and minimise possible risks that occur during live demolition works.

The company therefore has expert knowledge of the demolition industry, on site when undertaking any form of demolition on residential or commercial demolition contracts.

We believe that this demolition expertise and experience transcends right from the start in terms of the drafting of demolition method statements, right through to handing the site back to the client.

Each stage is expertly managed to ensure that only the highest levels of Health and Safety are offered to each of our clients.

South Wales Demolition also offer’s environmentally friendly methods of demolition and dismantling, as well as site clearance services, which they offer where possible to crush aggregates to site.

This means that we can offer the option of crushing stone and brick waste to leave on site.

This helps the environment because stone and aggregate waste are not taken off site through haulage vehicles, it is instead left on site for reuse minimising the carbon footprint of each contract that we undertake which involves crushing to site.

Demolition, Dismantling and Site Clearance Contractors Cardiff

If you have a demolition contract due to take place in Cardiff, or Bristol why not give a ring today.

We are experts at house or bungalow demolition and also small-scale demolition, we will offer keen prices, call today to see how we can help you.