Domestic Demolition Contractors

 South Wales Demolition Ltd, specialise in carrying out domestic demolition, that is the demolition of residential properties, bungalows, houses, garages and also lean-to-extensions for example.



South Wales Demolition Ltd mainly operate throughout the South Wales regions, such as Cardiff, but the company also undertakes demolition contracts throughout the South West of England, as well.

Domestic Demolition Companies

What exactly do you demolish throughout South Wales and the South West?


South Wales Demolition Ltd demolish housing, whether that be a single house or a whole street, South Wales Demolition Ltd  have the resources to take on any demolition contracts that arises within Cardiff or further afield.


South Wales Demolition Ltd  have a range of small excavators, perfectly suited to small-scale demolition in urban areas.

If you need to demolish a bungalow in the South West or South Wales, why not give us a ring today, so we can quote you a competitive price, on the demolition of your bungalow structure.

Garage Demolition

If you have a garage structure to be demolished within Bristol or Cardiff, then why not give us a ring, we specialise in domestic demolition of residential structures.

House Demolition Companies

As you can see  South Wales Demolition Ltd have the equipment and personnel to start demolishing any form of domestic demolition contract throughout South Wales and the South West.

Due to the company’s investment in excavators, and demolition equipment, they are enabled to demolish all forms of residential structures, whether that be large-scale demolition or small-scale demolition.

What else can you offer in terms of your domestic demolition services?

South Wales Demolition Ltd  can offer on certain demolition contracts, to crush aggregates directly to site.

What this means is that on certain demolition contracts within Cardiff or Bristol for example, the company can offer to crush the stone and brick waste, into reusable stone to be used back on site.

By crushing and recycling stone waste, you can sometimes greatly reduce the cost of your demolition bill, when you choose  South Wales Demolition Ltd

If you have a demolition contract, where you need a house or residential building demolished within the South West, or within South Wales, then why not give us a ring today.

We can offer on certain contracts no obligation quotations, and we can offer experienced advice and guidance, as soon as we are awarded a contract within the South Wales or South West areas.

Contact us today, for demolition that does not cost the earth: