Demolition Bristol

If you are looking for a demolition contractor, to carry out dismantling, site clearance or demolition work in Bristol, then why not contact us.



We undertake small-scale demolition right up to large-scale demolition for both the commercial and domestic demolition sectors. That is we can demolish anything from a garage within Bristol, right up to commercial premises or industrial structures.

Why choose South Wales Demolition Ltd  to carry out your demolition contract within Bristol?

Expert Levels of Health and Safety Management

With site personnel, with working knowledge of the demolition industry, accumulated over 20 years you can begin to appreciate why our demolition sites, are run with safety and precision in mind.

From the initial outset of constructing a method statement, right through to site handover, every step is considered to make sure that risks are minimised and that disruption is kept also to a minimum, within the locality which the demolition contract is being carried out.

Cost Effective Demolition Contractor

We pride ourselves on offering value for money to the commercial and domestic demolition sectors. So no matter if you have a bungalow or you have an industrial factory that needs demolishing, we will have the equipment and expertise to assist you on your redevelopment contract.

Demolition and Dismantling Bristol

A Range of Plant and Equipment Ready to be mobilised for all forms of Demolition Contracts in Bristol.

South Wales Demolition Ltd has a range of excavators and equipment, ranging from zero tail swing excavators, that can operate in confined and urban demolition sites, right up to large-scale excavators with the power to demolish larger industrial factories, for example.

Is there any type of structural building that MDD is better suited to demolishing?

South Wales Demolition Ltd  frequently carry out domestic demolition contracts, that is the demolition of houses, bungalows or garages within Bristol areas. The company offers expert levels of knowledge, as well as competitive prices on demolishing such structures as residential housing for example.

How are you such a cost-effective demolition contractor, carrying out demolition within Bristol?

Demolition Site Clearance Bristol


South Wales Demolition Ltd  are cost-effective demolition contractors, simply because of the level of expertise held within the company.

Because site supervisors have over 20 years working demolition knowledge, they can quickly assess how much the demolition contract should cost and very accurately.

You are therefore not being charged for demolition contractors who may charge you over the odds, for your demolition contract. Experience therefore allows us to quickly assess accurately a fair cost for your demolition contract, in Bristol saving the private and commercial sectors vast sums each year compared to choosing some demolition contractors.

Demolition Services Bristol

What are your considerations in terms of assisting the environment during and after demolition contracts?

South Wales Demolition Ltd  strongly promote crushing to site where possible. This means that the company promotes the use of mobile crushing apparatus, to produce crushed stone and aggregate waste placed on site on suitable demolition contracts in Bristol.

Cost advantages can often then be passed on to the end client as well because crushing to site means that demolition waste is not transported off-site, in terms of stone and brick is instead is turned into reusable material that can be used on site for further construction purposes.

If you like the sound of our approach to demolition contracts within the Bristol area, why not give us a ring today, to see how we can help you on your next demolition contract within the Bristol area.