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Although South Wales Demolition Ltd carries out large-scale demolition, the company also carries out small-scale demolition on residential structures, both here in Cardiff and also Bristol.

House Demolition Cardiff and Bristol

South Wales Demolition carry out small demolition contracts, ranging from the demolition of garages and also demolishing residential housing.


Why choose South Wales Demolition for your next demolition or dismantling project?


South Wales Demolition has vast experience of demolishing most forms of structures.

The company has site supervisors with over 20 years working knowledge of demolition and dismantling within South Wales.

The company demolishes structures both within Bristol and Cardiff, these can be any size demolition project, both for the private and commercial sectors.

Expert Health and Safety Management

South Wales Demolition Ltd pay careful consideration to Health and Safety matters when undertaking contracts both here in Cardiff and Bristol.

Whether it be a house or a large site clearance contract, careful considerations will be made to ensure risks are minimised when demolishing any structure within South Wales or the South West of England.

Competitive Pricing

South Wales Demolition will ensure that we price demolition contracts sensibly and that we offer value for money to both our customers here within Cardiff and also Bristol.

Demolition Services Cardiff and Bristol

So whether you have a large structure to be demolished such as warehouses, industrial units including steel buildings, or you have small structures such as a house to be demolished, we will have the skill set to make sure that each structure that we tackle comes down safely.

Small-Scale Demolition Cardiff and Bristol

So whether you have large commercial buildings, to be demolished or small-scale demolition we will make sure that we carefully plan our demolition works and so that it minimises disturbances within the local area during demolition works.

Demolition Services Cardiff and Bristol

What ever the form of structure to be demolished that you have, we will have the team and expert machinery to make sure that we can bring your structure down safely.

Demolition Cardiff and Bristol

So whether you have a structure due to be demolished within Cardiff or Bristol, we can offer demolition solutions that is fitting to our company ethos of offering competitive prices and uncompromising health and safety management.

We offer high levels of expertise within demolition, we reverse engineer structures ranging from complex works right down to simple domestic demolition.

We specialise in the demolition of domestic structures, and that is demolition of houses, bungalows within the Cardiff and Bristol regions.

We offer competitive prices and we can quickly demolish such structures regardless of location within Bristol or Cardiff.

If you have a demolition contract, site clearance contract, that needs pricing soon why not call today to see how we can help: