Demolition Companies Bristol

South Wales Demolition operate a demolition service within the area of Bristol, and also in other surrounding areas within the south-west of England.


South Wales Demolition Ltd can offer the following services:

  • Competitively priced domestic demolition within Bristol
  • Commercial Demolition Experts
  • We offer professional demolition services in regards to demolishing housing, garages, commercial structures or industrial buildings within Bristol.

Demolition Services Bristol

Why choose South Wales Demolition Ltd, to undertake your demolition work within Bristol?

We are a professional demolition contractor

South Wales Demolition Ltd have taken part in demolition of large and small scale structures. This entails everything from small garage demolitions right up to bringing down large multi-story structures.

The company has site supervisors who have served within demolition industry within the South Wales and the South West areas for over 20 years.

The company calls on this knowledge from its site supervisors to run our demolition sites in accordance with high health and safety and environmental standards.


Affordable Demolition Services offered throughout Bristol

South Wales Demolition Ltd offer affordable demolition solutions and services across South West.

Whether you need a house demolishing or commercial structures we have site supervisors and quality demolition specification machinery, to carry out any such demolition contract.


High Health and Safety Standards

South Wales Demolition Ltd have experienced site supervisors, this means that we employ high health and safety standards for every demolition site we carry out, whether that is in South Wales or the South West.

Whether we are demolishing a single house within Bristol or you have a larger scale demolition contract, we have the knowledge within the demolition industry to safely demolish structures.



Demolition Contractors Serving Bristol

What else can you offer your clients within Bristol?

Crushing to site on certain demolition contracts in Bristol

On certain demolition contracts within the Bristol regions we can offer crushing to site services.

This means that demolition waste such as stone and brick is not transported off-site, instead it can be crushed to site.

This often means greatly reduced demolition costs, when crushing to site is offered as a suitable option for processing aggregate waste on site.

This can save you money on your demolition project within Bristol, by crushing stone and brick so that it can be reused on site at a later date, sometimes greatly reduces the cost of demolition for our clients within the Bristol regions.


Expert Domestic Demolition Contractors within Bristol

We can offer expert domestic demolition contractors, who are well versed in demolishing garages, houses and other structures within the Bristol regions.

Our expert domestic demolition team have zero tail swing excavators, meaning that they can operate heavy machinery in confined demolition sites within Bristol. From Avonmouth right through to Clifton, we can offer demolition services that offer professional standards at affordable prices.

Demolition Bristol

Whatever your demolition requirements within the area of Bristol, give us a ring today to see how we can help you.

We carry out frequently domestic and commercial demolition, meaning that we can offer our services to all forms of clients within the Bristol regions.