Demolition Services and Demolition Contractors  Cardiff

South Wales Demolition Ltd undertake every form of demolition and dismantling, that is domestic, commercial or site clearance contracts in Cardiff.

If you are looking for a professional demolition company (Site supervisors with over 20-years knowledge) , yet that understands how to dismantle / demolish  structures safely, in a way that is also environmentally friendly, then contact us today in Cardiff. Demolition that is priced sensibly for small demolition right up to large commercial contracts. From a single garage to commercial warehouses, we have the expertise to demolish it all.

We can help you if you have a demolition project involving the dismantling of the following forms structures in Cardiff:

  • Domestic Houses and Bungalow Demolition Experts
  • Other Residential Structures
  • Small works in Cardiff & Bristol
  • Site Clearance
  • Commercial Demolition of Factories or Industrial Strip out Contracts
  • Factory Dismantling
  • Industrial Demolition
  • Demolition of Commercial Buildings
  • Office Strip out’s

Demolition Contractors in Cardiff

Who are South Wales Demolition?

South Wales Demolition undertake dismantling and demolition projects within South Wales and the South West of England.

We pride ourselves on offering professional demolition services in Cardiff, offered through vast experience accumulated from site supervisors with knowledge of the demolition industry spanning over 20 years.

We have key site supervisors, who helped demolish large parts of Cardiff Bay for its regeneration, we therefore have the expertise of all forms of demolition in Cardiff, with knowledge spanning well over 20 years!

We call on our site supervisors and I experienced personnel to make sure all demolition projects within Cardiff and South Wales adhere to the strictest of health and safety and environmental standards.

Where you undertake Demolition | Site Clearance Services?

We consider demolition contracts whenever they are located in the country, and our main operating area is within the area of South Wales and the South West. That is Bristol and Cardiff in South Wales.

That means we undertake demolition from Bristol, Bath yet we also undertake demolition contracts and demolition services throughout South Wales, and the main operating regions such as Swansea and Cardiff also.

Demolition Contractors Cardiff | Dismantling and Site Clearance Services

Is there a particular form of demolition that you are particularly skilled or experienced with?

We frequently carry out what is called Domestic Demolition, and is the demolition of residential structures, whether they be bungalows, housing or flats.

We regularly carry out small demolition contracts within Cardiff, and within Bristol.

We also have large-scale plant, which enables us to take on larger scale contracts as well.

We also carry out commercial demolition, that is the demolition of storage buildings, retail units or factories.

We have site personnel and site supervisors with excessive knowledge of the demolition industry which spans over 20 years, which enables us to undertake intricate, and complex contracts with ease.

Demolition Services in Cardiff

What do you feel is your main strength as a demolition business operating in Cardiff?

We offer comprehensive demolition solutions, ranging from demolishing commercial structures right through to residential structures.

We pride ourselves on our expert knowledge of demolishing structures safely, this has not come through knowledge accumulated from demolition textbooks, instead this is practical hands-on knowledge from our site supervisors which have undertaken demolition for over 20 years within Cardiff.

We demolish everything from small housing, right up to large commercial steel building demolition for example.

Due to our demolition knowledge and demolition plant and machinery, we are able to undertake most forms of demolition, when they arise within Cardiff or Bristol.

Demolition Contractors | Demolition Companies Cardiff

So if you have a demolition project whether it be a house, bungalow, or a commercial building that needs demolishing within Bristol or Cardiff, why not give us a ring today, at our central office within Cardiff, South Wales.