Commercial Demolition Contractors Cardiff

 South Wales Demolition Ltd Services frequently carries out commercial demolition contracts based within Cardiff, but also all across South Wales and the South West.



 South Wales Demolition Ltd is renowned for having personnel with over 20 years knowledge, within the demolition and dismantling sector.

This expert knowledge means that demolition sites are run to strict health and safety standards, while combining working demolition knowledge, to efficiently bring down structures.

What types of Demolition Contracts does South Wales Demolition Ltd  carry out?


Commercial Demolition Contracts

This can range from anything from retail space, factories, commercial storage buildings, or any form of commercial structure, that needs demolishing here within Cardiff or the South West of England.


Industrial Demolition Contracts

Because of  South Wales Demolition Ltd commitment to investing in demolition equipment and apparatus this means that the company is well placed to demolish any industrial structures that need demolishing throughout South Wales and the South West.

That could be anything from industrial manufacturing set of buildings, right through to demolishing structures on live industrial company premises for example.

No matter if you need demolition of industrial structures here within Cardiff or Bristol, we have the company knowledge and experience to make sure that each demolition contract is run smoothly.

Cardiff Commercial Demolition Contractors Cardiff


Retail Demolition and Factory Strip out and Dismantling Demolition

Because the company has site personnel that has working knowledge of the demolition industry in excess of 20 years, the company can apply that knowledge to any form of demolition including factory strip out and dismantling demolition contracts, throughout South Wales and the South West.

Where does MDD Demolition carry out its demolition services to?

South Wales Demolition Ltd carry out demolition contracts and dismantling services in the following locations:


The company has site personnel with vast experience of undertaking demolition contracts in the above areas.

The company calls on this knowledge and expertise to make sure that demolition contracts are run to company standards, in terms of preparation of method statements, right through to demolishing the structure to handing the site back to the client.

Commercial Demolition and Dismantling services Cardiff

The company has site personnel with working knowledge of demolition contracts, that they have taken part in which spans areas such as Barry, Caerphilly, Cardiff, Newport, Bristol and even as far out as Gloucester and Bath.

The company has experienced site personnel, which has therefore actively taken part in demolition contracts over a wide geographic area. The company can therefore offer its expertise in demolition and dismantling, across the South Wales and South West areas.