We offer our demolition contracting services throughout the region of Swansea, South Wales.

That is we offer our demolition services in regards to demolishing any form of structure whether it is commercial or domestic.



We offer high levels of health and safety management, which is uncompromising in its approach. We also seek out where possible to recycle materials, and we also where possible offer the option of crushing aggregates to site.

Demolition Contractors and Demolition Companies Swansea

Why choose MDD Demolition for your Demolition Site Clearance needs?

South Wales Demolition Ltd  can call on knowledge within the company, which will have over 20 years working knowledge, of the demolition industry.

This vast experience allows the company to safely demolish structures within Swansea, whether that be small contracts, or large-scale commercial contracts, the company can carry out all forms of demolition work.

Demolition Companies Swansea

South Wales Demolition Ltd , has experience of carrying out demolition work all throughout South Wales. By choosing South Wales Demolition Ltd you can receive a cost-effective demolition and dismantling service, offering high levels of health and safety management on all contracts.

Are there any forms of demolition contract, that is your particular speciality? Or do you carry out all forms of demolition within Swansea?

We carry out every form of demolition within Swansea, whether it be industrial or commercial as well as domestic demolition contracts.

Because of our range of plant and machinery, from small-scale plant right up to larger excavators, we can carry out any demolition contracts in the Swansea area.

So whatever the demolition contract that arises in Swansea, we have the technical expertise and knowledge as well as plant and machinery to undertake any demolition site clearance contract, within the region of Swansea, South Wales.

Demolition and Site Clearance Services Swansea

What else does your business have to offer?

Expertise of the Industrial, Commercial and Domestic Demolition sectors

 South Wales Demolition Ltd passionately believe that their wealth of experience built up from demolishing varying type’s of structures, separates them from a lot of the competition.

This is because the company has personnel that has well over 20 years experience, in demolition, in that time that personnel have demolished countless structures ranging from residential houses, right through to most forms of commercial structures.

Uncompromising Health and Safety Management

From managing and controlling demolition sites throughout South Wales, South Wales Demolition Ltd   has experienced and knowledgeable personnel, that ensure all demolition sites are run correctly.

Efficiency that transcends into helping the environment.

South Wales Demolition Ltd  believe that any demolition contract should be undertaken efficiently, and have a well thought out plan before any work is undertaken.

This allows for considerations to assisting the environment where possible, in terms of recycling waste materials, arising from demolition.

South Wales Demolition Ltd where possible will offer the option of crushing to site, this means that on larger demolition contracts carried out within Swansea or the other regions of South Wales that site crushing will be offered.

This means that’s stone and brick waste can be processed through mobile crushing machine’s, to leave aggregates to be left on site, this assists the environment while greatly reducing the cost of most demolition contracts that the company carries out.