Bristol Demolition Contractors

South Wales Demolition Ltd undertakes demolition contracts within the Bristol area of the South West. The company undertakes demolition contracts ranging from small-scale demolition of housing right up to commercial contracts, such as site clearance of factories for example.

Bristol Demolition Services

South Wales Demolition Ltd operate a demolition company throughout South Wales and the South West.

We are committed to offering very competitive demolition prices both within the domestic and commercial demolition sectors.

We specialise in the demolition of residential structures, such as demolition of houses, garages or bungalows for example in Bristol.

We have specialist plant and equipment, such as the zero tail swing excavators, which mean that we can demolish structures in confined and small demolition sites within Bristol.

Why choose our Demolition Services Bristol (South West England)?

Value for money

We are committed to offering value for money, when ever we demolish residential or commercial structures within Bristol.

We have a range of plant and equipment allowing us to undertake varying forms of demolition ranging from demolishing domestic buildings, right through to demolishing complex industrial buildings, that require large plant and equipment.

For example we can demolish large factory units, retail space, using 30 ton plus machines, meaning we can truly demolish large and small structures alike.


South Wales Demolition Ltd are committed to upholding high health and safety and environmental standards.

The company has acquired site personnel and site supervisors who have worked on high profile demolition contracts, such as assisting with the Cardiff Bay Regeneration Scheme.

This vast experience and knowledge within the demolition industry, means that we can offer our expertise, and apply this to more complicated demolition contracts.

With that said we also undertake frequently domestic demolition ,that is the demolition of houses and bungalows for example.

Safe Working Practices

South Wales Demolition Ltd has site supervisors with expert levels of knowledge within the commercial, industrial and also domestic demolition sectors.

This means that this level of knowledge and expertise means that our demolition sites become safer because of the level of knowledge that we have actively running our demolition operations.

Demolition Companies Bristol

If you are looking for a demolition company to undertake demolition within the Bristol area, then look no further, we undertake demolition within Bristol as well as Bath.

We undertake demolition right from demolishing houses right through to site clearance projects requiring large excavators.

Whatever the structure you have to demolish within Bristol we can offer technical expertise, and very competitive pricing.

What experience do you have of demolition within South Wales and the South West?

South Wales Demolition has vast experience of demolition within South Wales and South West.

The company has site supervisors which have working knowledge of demolishing most structures that is factories, houses, bungalows, garages, storage buildings and industrial premises and related structures.

This vast demolition knowledge transcends into expertise that can be applied on site.

Whether that be in acknowledging ways in which waste can be recycled further or improving safety standards on site, you will be employing an experienced and knowledgeable demolition firm.

Demolition Services Bristol

What forms of demolition are you most equipped to carry out?

South Wales Demolition have a collection of plant and machinery that enables them to carry out most forms of demolition.

Right from small-scale demolition of garages right up to excavators that bring more strength to demolish large industrial buildings for example in Bristol.

South Wales Demolition, have built up a reputation for professionalism within the residential and domestic demolition markets.

That is the company has expertise in demolishing houses, bungalows.

The company also uses its large-scale plant and more experienced site supervisors to undertake commercial demolition contracts that involve the pulling down of steel buildings or commercial storage facilities for example.

Demolition Bristol

Whatever the structure or building that is due to be demolished within the South West of England, contact us today. South Wales Demolition can save you money on your next demolition bill within Bristol.